Our experience fosters your success

Success in projects requires staff experienced with hard and soft factors with a long term engagement in specific industry sectors.

Pavel Kraus (PhD, ETH Zurich) 

Founding partner of AHT
aht core teamaht core teamFormer Knowledge Networking Officer, Roche Diagnostics Division
aht core teamaht core teamFormer Head of Marketing Research, Roche Diagnostics Division
aht core teamaht core teamPresident of Swiss Knowledge Management Forum (SKMF)
aht core teamaht core teamBoard member of Prozessmanagement-Akademie (PMA)
aht core teamaht core teamLecturer at Universities of Applied Sciences (BFH Bern, FHWN Muttenz, HTW Chur, HSLU Horw)
aht core teamaht core teamIPMA Certified Project Management Associate (IPMA)
aht core teamaht core teamAdvisory board member of the Society for Knowledge Management (GfWM)
aht core teamaht core teamKnowledge City Partner - Geneva (Knowledge City Partners)

+41 79 396 55 35

aht core teamaht core teamCV English (download)
aht core teamaht core teamCV Deutsch (download)

Vilem Guryca (PhD)

Vilem is an experienced business development manager (AVILiQ Basel)

Peter Hess (PhD, ETH Zurich)

Peter Hess has extensive operational experience and works on various projects - Hess Interim

David Köpfli

Gestaltet geplant, strukturiert mit einer flexiblen Entwicklungs- und Beratungsarchitektur Veränderungsvorhaben seiner Kunden (David Köpfli & Co )

Jürg Krebs

Network partner for organizational development and change management projects (www.krebs-partner.ch)

Alexandr Rada

Alexandr Rada is a specialist in database development and visual usability. He has developed several special applications for various purposes, including the resource management tool for project teams working in a matrix organization and the competitor intelligence knowledge base (TCP-DataBase)

René Zäch (MD)

Dr. René Zäch is an MD and health care specialist with experience in hospitals (physician), pharmaceutical industry (medical director,  Merrell Dow), clinical research (project manager, Roche), consulting (former partner of Abegglen Management Consultants)  and information management.