Home office and virtual meetings habe become our reality in the last few weeks. Experince shows that virtual meetings need more preparation and good leadership to be effective.

Due to current events we offer special support in the following areas: 

knowledge managerknowledge managerOffering second opinion on innovative ideas and concepts in the role of a sparing partner

knowledge managerknowledge managerDeveloping specific documentation canvases for virtual calls

knowledge managerknowledge managerTeam training in virtual collaboration

knowledge managerknowledge managerSetting up specific roles to improve efficiency in online meetings

knowledge managerknowledge managerSharing best practices and facilitating conversations

As a leader of your department the communication of your services and products internally and externally are vital.

You have to shape the strategy of your department to ensure its future as well as its current operational success. Simple processes and systems have to be set in place, aligned to business needs.

AHT has been supporting departmental leaders in various ways. Next to coaching and strategy development, we work as embedded consultants within the teams.

AHT offers the following services for department heads:

departement head servicesdepartment head servicesWorkshops to define department strategy and implementation
departement head servicesdepartment head servicesRoadmapping workshops to define fact base for e.g. technology decisions
departement head servicesdepartment head servicesAlignment of simple business process and process optimization
departement head servicesdepartment head servicesLearning development and knowledge management implementation
corporate intranet strategistcorporate intranet strategistChange management concepts and implementation
departement head servicesdepartment head servicesTeam collaboration and communication improvements

  • dokControll implementation - a low-tech document management: Each team member can find everything at their colleagues shared drive sections

  • Access to information and document controlling

  • Innovative Intranet search and content curation concepts

  • Project Portfolio Management

  • Project management improvement

  • Risk assessments and risk management program using COSO framework

  • Skill management