We believe in continuously challenging the perspective on how things are done. We believe everybody can outperform their status quo. In times of crisis this is even more true.

The way we do this is to bring new methods and digital techniques to our clients and walk with them for some time. This changes how one sees the world, enhances thinking and the way how to deal with knowledge and innovation. We believe in mutual learning from each other. Our consultants are not experts - our clients are. We help them to reach excellence.

The result is the success of our clients. We love clients who have humor and question what has been done up-to-now. We measure this by the number of Dilbert cartoons hanging on the walls.

Recently, AHT has been supporting clients to achieve their goals like:

  • Co-creating an innovation framework that synchronizes the collaboration of project leaders and engineers
  • Simplify the work of specialists to document their insights and reflexions  
  • Coaching of executives and serving as sounding board for knowledge management strategy, and leadership
  • Learning Canvas: Expanding the AHT's Process Collaboration Portal Concept through ad-hoc learning and digitalization
  • Adopting knowledge management practices within agile organizations to improve productivity

Currently, we investigate frameworks like betaCodex to drive digital agile processes byond the software and IT areas