Actelion, Switzerland

Knowledge ManagementKnowledge ManagementProcess flow visualization
Internet governance assessmentInternet governance assessmentMedical information department strategy and communication support
Internet governance assessmentInternet governance assessmentAd interim project management for a global medical information system:

-- Assessment and simplification of current medical information processes
-- Visual communication of process improvements
-- Requirements engineering to the needs of the global organization
-- Customizing of medical information software solution
-- Supervision of the software validation
-- Roll-out in the pilot markets and hand-over to internal staff

Internet governance assessmentInternet governance assessmentInnovation framework for setting up clinical studies and communication with key opinion leaders

Novartis Pharma Division, Switzerland

Knowledge ManagementKnowledge ManagementKnowledge Management in HR (Human Resources) Shared Services (Joint project with Forward Solutions)
Internet governance assessmentInternet governance assessmentInternet governance assessment
intranet operationsintranet operationsAssessment of intranet operations, development of governance scenarios and
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsIntranet strategy outline

Enterprise application integrationEnterprise application integrationCollaboration Process Portal concept development and implementation support (based on SharePoint)
Enterprise application integrationEnterprise application integrationScenarios for Enterprise application integration and information access
internet presenceinternet presenceConcept development for pharma research internet presence
Ergonomics TrainingErgonomics TrainingSoftware Ergonomics Training (Human Factors)

Roche, Pharma and Diagnostics Divisions, Switzerland

Knowledge ManagementKnowledge ManagementDigital business model development through an innovative collaboration design
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsInnovation management communication and support
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsKnowledge management in global service organization - Customer knowledge flow capturing

aht reference projectsaht reference projectsImprovement of decision making in pharma research
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsAssessment of knowledge management initiatives in pharma R&D (Research and Development)
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsAgile methodologies and Design Thinking workshops

aht reference projectsaht reference projectsAccelerating the new product development process - innovation journey
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsImproving communication and access to information in project teams (SYMPACT® - dokControll)
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsCompany wide taxonomy development

aht reference projectsaht reference projectsIntranet Process Collaboration Portal - Future Workplace
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsSecuring and transferring of business critical individual know-how
research and developmentresearch and developmentInnovative semantic search tools - The One Million Documents Project
research and developmentresearch and developmentEstablishing Expert Forums / Communities of Practice: Guidelines, Governance, Tools, Processes


aht reference projectsaht reference projectsKnowledge Management Workshop - Potential-Abklärung (SBB Immobilien)
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsKnowledge Management Analyse gemäss SIA Normen (SBB Immobilien, Bern, Zürich, Lausanne)
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsKnowledge Management Massnahmen-Entwicklung (SBB Immobilien)
aht reference projectsaht reference projectsWissens-Sicherung und Experten-Walkthrough (SBB Immobilien)

Steiner Real Estate Development (RED)

aht reference projectsaht reference projectsBest practices and creativity enhancement project

Trumpf Laser Systems

aht reference projectsaht reference projectsKnowledge transfer and expert debriefings